Career Statement


a design-minded full-stack developer, passionate about choreographing and orchestrating end-to-end user experiences.


problem solving, studying human behavior and psychology, creating elegant, aesthetic and evidence-based practical solutions.


designing for education, service design and creating holistic products that span beyond the digital realm.


I aspire to learn more UX and business strategy to oversee the product or service from the conception to the delivery

My value to the employer

In recent years, companies are trying to create cross-functional teams focused around a product. Oftentimes, designers and developers may have their own perspective on the same thing. My unique value lies in understanding complexities, logic and reasoning of both sides.

My presence will significantly reduce the overall communication barrier, help establish productive relationships, and will help minimize the conflicts without compromising a design's quality. This leads to a much better product .

I bridge two domains

I understand the nuances and specifics of different sides of the product's life-cycle.

Doing the whole product life-cycle

Throughout my career, I have overseen many products through their entire lifecycles , doing requirements gathering, client interviews, meetings with business and product owners, prototyping, architecting the system and data, service logic, user interface, demonstrating versions of interactive prototypes to the stakeholders and, finally, testing and successfully deploying the products. That describes an end-to-end product development .

Background, accomplishments, skillset

I was born and spent my early years in Ukraine. My background is a mix of music performance and high-end technology. I received a Master's in Music Performance from Carnegie-Mellon University and then a Bachelor's in Computer Science from Franklin University.

After discovering the field of Human-Computer-Interaction and reading Design of Everyday Things, I was very captivated by it and decided to pursue it further.

I can describe myself as a continuous learner, always curious to know more and always trying to stretch my limits. Besides the professional interests, I enjoy music, photography and video. Link to my gallery here.

What does music have to do with all of it?

A lot. Having studied and played different genres of music gives me a very powerful and unique ability to understand and feel nuances and orchestrate and choreograph experiences .  Best designs and experiences require attention to every little detail. This asks to not only understand the users' needs but also be intensely attuned to their perceptions and emotions .

Accomplishments and Perspectives

My background, education and professional work endowed me with a good mix of skills, experience, worldview, culture and individuality which is very beneficial in bringing a unique pespective in building products in a modern-day environment for a modern-day user.

A life-long learner, always striving for success against the odds

First in my family to study in a college and get a graduate degree

Went from a total technology newbie to a Senior Architect and Lead Developer

A deep thinker with a flexible mind who plays well in a team

On a road to reinvent myself into UX professional

Recently acquired skills to support my next goals:

Total beginner to both Sketch and graphic design principles. Later used to create the high-fidelity prototypes ,graphs and images used in my portfolio.
Started as a beginner. Later used it for creating all of my interactive prototypes used in my portfolio projects.
Started as a beginner. Later used it to create the product’s intro movies for all of my portfolio projects.
No previous knowledge of Swift. Created a first working iteration of iOS two-app suite called “Practice Star” , featured in my portfolio
No previous knowledge of mobile development or app development. Created the app featured in my porftolio.
Completely re-learned and upgraded my knowledge to the recent standards of JavaScript development.
No previous knowledge of React.JS. Upgrading my front-end skills to be creating web apps in React.

Other technical skills and experience

These are only a few of the technologies and processes I have worked with in my career: