Call Center Portal

See all of the customer's related data though only one place.

A simple, useful dashboard and gateway that lets the call center personnel access customer's info and their plan data


OneAmerica, based in Indianapolis, has been experiencing growth of its retirement services client base. Its “Call Center” department has been often overwhelmed with many people calling in and asking questions about their personal retirement plans that OneAmerica manages. The call center workers often resort to using disparate standalone and difficult-to-use applications to access customer's info and their plan data. That wastes extra unnecessary time, further frustrating customers and also is an inefficient use of valuable personnel's time. They need an easy-to-use entry point product which will let them use only one application to access all of that associated information.

Project Duration

  • 4 months
  • March 2016 - June 2016


  • System, Services and Database architecture
  • Database design and implementation
  • Services design and implementation
  • Complete coding from database to services to user interface
  • User Interface design and implementation
  • Complete User Experience design
  • System and user testing
  • Documentation and final deployment / implementation

My role

  • Lead Developer
  • Lead Architect
  • Requirements analysis
  • Design
  • Coding
  • User Testing
  • Documentation
  • Deployment

Target Audience


Call Center personnel, business owners and management

Place of Deployment

Call Center Department, OneAmerica Retirement Services, Indianapolis IN


OneAmerica wants to cut down on inefficiency in handing customer’s questions and provide their Call Center department with an effective tool that can help their workers access and interlink more related data using just one access point.


Interviews conducted with:

  • Call Center management
  • Call Center employees
  • Business owners
  • Product owners

What we found:

  • They use many standalone tools to find related information
  • The tools they employ are difficult to use
  • The tools do not have any consistency in neither look nor functionality
  • They do not completely understand how to use each tool
  • They use different types of monitors and resolutions

Prior user workflow / service design

This flowchart describes a typical service call and the interaction workflow between call center employees and the customers.

This also shows how the employee needed to access different applications to access both the customer's personal data and the information for the associated retirement plan.

The whole procedure was inefficient since adding significant amount of time to the whole customer experience.

Design Goal

One place to easily view the related data

  • Easy searching and retrieving of the snapshot of data related to the person calling in
  • Easy retrieval of information related to the person’s employment with the company providing the retirement plan
  • Quick and easy retrieval of information related to the details of the plan
  • Consistent way to display the information regardless of the monitor that the call center worker uses
  • Create a solution that easy to code, support and extend

Call-center personnel must have an easy-to-learn, quick and simple way to see all of the related customer's data while making the entire experience seamless

Design focus and approach

  • Create an easy and simple landing page that would have only one search textbox
  • Eliminate complex search page design
  • Display the related information but make it dynamic and save on the page's real estate
  • Employ the 'dashboard' principle of grouping of the related info
  • Employ responsive web design to allow the application to be used regardless of the monitor or resolution
  • Concentrate on efficiency and ease of use
  • This application should be as easily used by both management, business workers and regular call center employees
Take the navigation and finding of related out of the way to ensure that the user concentrates on simple search and viewing instead of remembering which application to go to find it.

New user workflow / service design

This flowchart describes a re-designed service call and the interaction workflow between call center employees and the customers.

Now call center employees need only access one application to search for the customer but can view all of their personal and plan's data at the same time. The portal's engine accesses different services within itself and aggregates related information

The whole procedure proved to be highly efficient since its initial deployment and saved the company time and money and greatly improved customer experience.

Video walk-through of a Call Center Dashboard

Click to see a full demo of a typical workflow when a call center representative searches for, navigates and views the related information.

After initial deployment in July of 2016, the implementation of the new design significantly reduced the operational cost, time and increased customer's retention rate by greatly improving the experience for both of the user of the app and the customer

Technologies used

This lists main technologies, frameworks and processes used in the design and development of this application